Increasing your organisation's financial position and becoming your ultimate business.



Our Avid Accounting team is passionate about numbers and loves the detail to build your organisations financial story. An ultimate business is where financials are future focussed.

Did you know New Zealand is regarded as a business-friendly environment, as reported by the World Bank Doing Business Report in 2018? In achieving this accolade, New Zealand has a very strong regulatory and compliance business environment that requires highly specialised expertise. 

At Avid, we pride ourselves in delivering high quality accounting services that are technically sound, expertly reviewed to ensure full compliance with the Inland Revenue and other Government departments.



We provide the Ultimate Accounting Service to meet your changing business requirements.

Virtual Chief Financial Officer

Most businesses simply cannot afford to hire a Chief Financial Officer until they are turning over many millions a year. This means the owner must be all things ‘finance’ in the business. A Virtual CFO simply means engaging with us to be involved regularly in your business so you have a ‘partner’ beside you to take some of the load off.

We custom build a plan to help you. This can include weekly, monthly or quarterly meetings with us, regular financial reporting with insights and our thoughts, help setting goals and helping you stay accountable to them and working with you to strengthen your banking relationships. A Virtual CFO also involves helping you understand the financial controls in your business and making them stronger.

Preparing an annual budget, and a having a forecast prepared for what the budget will mean to your cash-flow, is best practice in any business. Talk to us about what this means and how to get a better handle on the cash in your business.

In addition to helping you with preparing a cashflow forecast, we have a Cash-flow Management service which is designed to help you improve your understanding of all things “Cash” so you can maximise the business cash-flow. It will allow you to predict large cash outflows and respond to changes in your business.

Partner with us and we will ensure your business achieves its full potential. We offer you our expertise and support to allow you to run your business more effectively. Regular management reporting gives you a whole new way of understanding and approaching your business. Giving you the tools for business longevity and growth.

We will work with you to define the Key Performance Indicators that underpin the success of the business. These will be a combination of financial and non-financial measures. We’ll put these into a separate report each quarter and again provide our analysis on the results, and work with you to improve the results over time. We’ll host a Quarterly face-to-face meeting to address anything you want to discuss with us as your professional advisers and anything that we have identified as areas that will benefit from some closer attention, guided by the reports which will be presented in the meeting.
Accounting Services
We can prepare these efficiently and at any time during the year. We make sure the information contained in the financial statements is useful and meaningful to you. Plus, we can talk you through them without speaking ‘accountanese’. It’s important you understand what your financial statements are telling you and we like to meet with you each year to help you learn more. You can have peace of mind that we will produce and deliver a full set of financial accounting statements including;
  • Profit and Loss statement,
  • Balance sheet, and
  • A Statement of Accounting Policies which provide a breakdown of your taxable income.

We know our stuff when it comes to tax and can help ensure you maximise your tax position.  We can take care of your company, trust, partnership, individual returns and more.

Let us handle your GST.  We will do all the administration, make sure you are on top of your payments and keep the IRD from knocking.  

We love surprises like cake in the staff room, but not the surprise of tax to pay. We will give you plenty of warning and time to plan for any upcoming tax payments so there are no unwanted surprises.

But there is much more to tax planning than eliminating the surprises – it’s is also about planning to pay less total tax through getting your business and personal structure right. We make sure no hard-earned profit is left on the tax man’s table.

What is FBT?  Fringe benefit tax.  If you’re an awesome employer and treat your employees to special perks, you’ll need us to take care of this as it can be fiddly area.  We help you work out the FBT impact of providing say that work car, or paying for that health insurance and will file your return online and advise  you of any payments due.

We can provide you with advice on what ACC options to choose plus we can take care of all your ACC matters such as invoices, reviewing correctness of classifications, levels of cover and if you should be on CoverPlus Extra. 

Bookkeeping Services
Our bookkeeping services are designed to save you time and take the pain out of your day to day business requirements.

We will prepare and submit your GST returns meaning that you will be kept up to date with your GST liabilities and keep Inland Revenue Department happy. We’re not just filing a bunch of numbers; we have a 5-step approach to our GST service to ensure  we never miss a deadline and file your GST returns online with the Inland Revenue Department, on time, every time.

PAYE can be very tricky and getting it wrong could cost you. We can take the filing arrangements off your hands and make life a little less cloudy. We can support a number of Payroll systems including Smart Payroll, Xero Payroll and others.

We’ll get to grips with your invoicing procedures and collate the information that we need from your systems to create your sales invoices promptly and get them out to your clients.

Some clients need more managing than another’s when it comes to settling your invoices. We’ll make sure they are chased up professionally and sensitively to get cash into your bank account whilst maintaining excellent relationships.
We will check each supplier statement to ensure that invoices have been received and processed on Xero. We will request any outstanding invoices from suppliers and enter them accordingly.
Taxation Planning
Getting the right tax advice at the outset can leave you with more money in your pocket in the long run. From negotiating the T’s and C’s of a business sale or purchase, to buying or selling property or a significant business asset, getting the right advice is key to maximising your tax position. Which at the end of the day means you pay less tax.
Company Administration
You need to comply with New Zealand laws when you incorporate a company, including reserving a company name, appointing directors, issuing shares and registering for tax. We take all the stress and strain away from you.

We will set up your company and keep those company records maintained.  We act as the registered office for your company.  

We will also request all of the information required and work with the Companies Office to ensure the procedures are followed correctly.

Support for your








Sue Baty

Accounting Director

We’re focussed on you, our valued client. Quality is paramount. Little things matter. That’s how our accounting team obtains results.

  • Delivering depth in traditional accounting services
  • Working in-house as a Financial Controller
  • Delivering leading technology to generate results which are timely and accurate
  • Xero Certified

My professional background is supported by 20 plus years of experience in the accounting field, including holding senior positions in multi-national companies, as an accounting partner and working across a range of New Zealand SME’s.