The Avid Consulting team lends its expertise, skills and resources to help organisations perform at their optimal level. An ultimate business is where structure meets imagination.

Organisations are constantly tasked with doing more with less – finding growth despite a sometimes difficult environment – and its rarely easy. However, the journey towards doing so is easier with guidance. 

Avid management consulting services are a set of broad and tailored solutions to boost your organisational performance through identifying your value and potential. Avid will help build better leadership to bolster the decision-making process, cut through compliance complexity and structure the organisation for growth.



We provide the Ultimate proven step-by-step process – 360 Business Process Mapping & Management Model:

Build Leadership through Strategic Planning
Avid provide leadership and expertise to help you develop strategic plans and translate them into measurable performance.  We are Balanced Scorecard Practitioners and also offer Executive Coaching.

Build Customer Loyalty to Grow Revenue
Avid bring best practice in building rich customer engagement improving customer loyalty, reducing acquisition costs and growing revenue from current customer base.

Build Financial Strength to Understand Your Numbers
Avid helps you make sense of your numbers.  We will work with you to understand your financial story through trend analysis and building meaningful KPI’s to assist you in making better operational decisions.

Develop Employee Vibrancy to Build High Performing Teams
Avid has been there, done that, and bring a wealth of real-world experience to build high performing teams.  We work with you on recruitment, retention, staff management and performance systems to assist build your workforce to be empowered and engaged.  

Build Internal Process Systems to Optimise Efficiency
Avid brings expertise in  process mapping which provides staff with the “how to do their job” effectively resulting in improved staff productivity, engagement and bottom line results.

Build Marketing Competitiveness Profile & Product to Extend Market Reach

Avid love marketing and the creativity it inspires!  We work with you to build your marketing strategies, social media and tactics to help you measurably improve reach, range and marketing return.

Support for your








Allison Lawton

Rongowhakaata, ngāti Tūwharetoa

Management Consulting Director & Managing Director

We’ve been there! We’ve done that! And we bring real-world business experience supported by academic frameworks to work alongside you – to build your Ultimate Business!

We’re not boring, we’re not conservative, we won’t try to be clever. We are Avid. That’s how our consulting team obtains results for you:

  • Significant financial improvement
  • Increased customer base & loyalty
  • Enhanced service levels – customer service
  • Positive customer & employee satisfaction
  • Significant organisation credibility

My professional background is supported by extensive senior management and chief executive experience across public, corporate, tertiary, tourism, and management consultancy sector experience. I have a Masters degree in Business Administration (MBA) and a NZ Certificate in Commerce (management and accounting). 

Please refer to Corporate & Government page for additional information about Allison’s career.